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Tired of the unhealthy lifestyle choices that you make?

Life Coaching and You

Are you tired of the unhealthy lifestyle choices that you make?

Do you turn to unhealthy habits to help you cope with the stresses and strains of life?

Do unhealthy habits leave you feeling sad and alone, guilty and ashamed?


Have you reached a point in your life where you want to make positive changes?

If you feel like this and are ready to turn your back on the cycle of unhealthy habits, then I can help you.

If you are ready to move your life forward then you are in the right place.

With my lived experience and unique coaching skills, I can help you start an amazing journey that will result in an amazing journey to a happier, more fulfilled and healthier life.

What Is A Life Coach?

A life coach is a wellness professional who can help people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment in many areas of their life. We aid you in improving your relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives by

helping you to clarify your goals, identify what is holding you back, and then together we come up with strategies for overcoming the obstacles. I work on your unique skills and gifts to help you overcome the challenges and obstacles and provide the support you need to achieve long-lasting change in your life.

Why Would I Need A Life Coach?

People seek out the services of a life coach for many reasons and for guidance in navigating significant life changes. Often, however, people turn to life coaches to simply help them to build a happier, more meaningful and fulfilling life.

How Do I Know I Need Some Help?

There are a number of signs that working with a life coach could be helpful for you. These include:

  • Frequent irritability

  • High levels of stress and/or anxiety

  • An inability to break bad habits

  • Feeling a lack of fulfillment and meaning in your life

  • Feelings of dissatisfaction in areas of your life

  • Sense of blocked creativity

What Should I Do?

Taking the first steps can feel difficult and awkward so the best thing to do is book an informal, no pressure, 20 minute discovery call, so we can find out a little more about each other and see if we'd be a good fit. You can tell me a little about what's going on in your life, wgat you would like to change and I can tell you abit about how my services may be helpful to you.

Improve your work/life balance

Feel more creative and enthusiastic

Eliminate fear and anxiety

Improve Your Relationships

Start planning and make progress again

Make the changes that you've been avoiding

Feel happier and more content

Feel able to cope and achieve more

How Can You Benefit From Life Coaching?

Image by Tienko Dima
Perfectionism is a lost cause. Focus your energy on being the best you can be.
- Domonique Bertolucci -

Client Reviews

Enlightening & Knowledgeable

Sessions with Nicola are always enlightening.  I have always found her to be incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, supportive & professional.

Nicola has a vast depth of knowledge and skill within her practice, which she continues to enhance. Nicola is welcoming, understanding and supportive. She provides a high level of professional and individualised care. I would not hesitate to recommend her services.

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